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Is Relocating to Arizona a Dream or a Goal

I get calls and emails almost daily from people that are looking at homes in Arizona because it’s a dream of theirs to move here. I love those calls, even if they are just poking around a bit. I certainly see nothing wrong with it. After all, dreaming is free and can even be a bit of fun. But dreams are usually just that.

I challenge my kids often with the question of, Is that a dream or a goal? Because if it’s a goal, it must have a plan. It must have a detailed plan. What are steps X, Y and Z that once completed will make the goal happen. What is the timeline for that goal? How will that goal be paid for? Anything short of this and it’s just a dream.

One of the things I enjoy most about my job is when I get to take someone from A to Z in their relocation process. There is nothing more fulfilling than when a client allows me to do my best work by helping them create a complete plan for their goal, and then follows the plan to fruition and ultimately makes their big move into their new Arizona home. Sometimes this plan takes a month or two, and sometimes it takes a few years, but having this plan in places makes the seemingly impossible possible.

So, if you have had thoughts about relocating to Arizona, ask yourself, is this a dream or a goal? If it is truly a goal, the first part of your plan should be to contact an Arizona agent (hopefully me) and start laying out the steps that are necessary to make it a reality.

-Tom Wolf, Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Agent

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