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Tempe is immediately adjacent to Phoenix on the east.  It is best known as the home of Arizona State University, the largest public university in the US.  Although ASU does make up a considerable amount of Tempe’s culture and landscape, there are many areas of Tempe which are not based on the university.


Near campus there is a wide array of college housing.  Prior to the last 5 years, many of the single family homes around campus were small and older.  A majority of these homes were rented to college students.  In addition, a mix of newer and older apartment homes surround the campus, and of course dormitories as well.


Recently however, an influx of new housing development has resulted in two new high rise towers within blocks of campus, as well as several other condo projects, some of which are located on the newly created Tempe Town Lake.  These new housing projects are not typical of most campus areas, with much of the housing falling well into the luxury condo or luxury living department.

Further away from campus to the south, there is a mix of older and newer neighborhoods.  Housing values tend to stay strong in Tempe due to its fairly central location, proximity to several economic hubs, and availability of entertainment options.